CAPTAINS bLOG – Whitby – Enter Dracula

Whitby Beach HutsOn a gorgeous sunny Thursday morning in Whitby the day before we were trading at Steampunk central, we decided to walk along to Sands End to partake of Tea and Cake from one of the mighty fine establishments there.

As the tide was still going out when we got to the beach we decided to have a nice cup of tea on the front and give it chance to roll out enough to walk along the beach. As we sat there we saw the mist suddenly start to form and slowly roll in covering the abbey and then even our view to the lighthouses.

Truly eerie stuff as if Vlad was making his dramatic entrance in time for the Goth Weekend under cover of fog. We expected to see the silhouette of a sailing ship cutting through the waves toward the harbour at any minute.

Tea consumed and waves receded enough to start our trip, we made our way over the 2 miles of mist enshrouded almost deserted sands via the refurbished and repainted beach huts to one of the finest luncheon establishments in the area at The Woodlands Cafe Bar in Sands End.
If you happen to make your way there – definitely try the fish and chips and the buns and the cakes, in fact everything there tastes fantastic so you can’t go wrong. Check them out on TripAdviser here.

After both devouring a massive portion of fish and chips swilled down with another great cuppa we made our way back along the still mist enshrouded beach towards Whitby taking the occasional photo of the balmy summer weather you are likely to encounter on the East coast – including some interesting shots of the amount of moisture in the air which we didn’t notice till we stopped for a breather halfway back..

We arrived back in Whitby, which was still covered in mist and hung around throughout the rest of the day and evening ensuring a safe arrival for our Transylvanian host for the weekend of jollity to come.

The Captain – 24th April 2014.

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