Captains bLOG – Cutthroat Island

CaptainsBlog_Shave 6It was a dark and murky morning. The fog hung low in the sky smothering all sound to dull echos and leaving nothing to see from deck but shadowy forms drifting aimlessly about – but that’s life in Huddersfield for you…

Continuing the Captains bLOG I thought i’d tell you all about the great pre birthday present that Mrs Captain gave me today – an outing to Stuarts Barbers in Huddersfield for a cutthroat shave – I think my hairiness must have exceeded her tolerance factor.

Stuarts Barber Shop - Paddock - HuddersfieldAnyhow a nice trip out to the Barbers – a must for any discerning gentleman interested in his personal grooming.

I must say it’s not one of my usual haunts seeing as the last time I had hair long enough to require cutting was when I was still in short trousers. So this was due to be a bit of an adventure – and you know what they say…
“With great grooming, comes great responsibility”.

The staff at Stuarts were very helpful and did a fantastic job as you can see from the photo’s it was the real deal – bit of a trim to get rid of the excess length, then onto a head shave and then the cut throat…

I must say I was a little worried – more that I’d cough or sneeze and cause myself a Sweeney Todd like injury – but nothing to worry about. It was a fantastic experience with hot and cold towels, exotic oils and moisturising lotions and potions.

Mrs Captain mentioned afterward that they actually had a poster of Sweeney Todd behind me – sort of glad I didn’t see it really…

All in all a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.
If you haven’t done it before then go on – treat yourself.


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