Ahoy there, here be our Latest products!

TheCaptain1280aBlack Sails is an Online Emporium of Alternative Quote Prints focusing on Quality Quote Prints within the categories of Pirate Steampunk Chap and Gothic quotes – all are produced by the scurvy Black Sails crew and available in a variety of colours and sizes.

All our ranges of quote prints are produced using the finest 350gsm paper stock and printed with top quality inks freshly squeezed from locally sourced Kraken.

We are constantly adding new prints quotes and posters so please check back regularly to see our new stock.

We stock a range of fine replica flintlock pistols ideal for re-enactment, tv or stage work or for adding that touch of realism to any Pirate or Steampunk costume. All our replicas are constructed from wood and metal, are of a realistic size and weight and have working mechanisms that give a satisfying “clunk” as the hammer hits the frizzen when fired.

The crew are a versatile lot of lubbers and if there is something that you would like that isn’t here then you need but ask and we will endeavour to fulfil your wishes.